Wow, My Key Fob is Awesome!

Wow, what an awesome key-fob. Key fob. What does that even mean? What is a fob? The word “fob” was used originally as the word to describe the ornaments attached to pocket watch chains in the early 1800’s and onward. Nowadays the term “fob” refers to any number of things, from garage door openers to the RFID devices used to get inside of buildings, or the devices used to open cars. In fact, nowadays many “fobs” are often just “keys.” Many automotive companies are changing vehicles to push start, and simply require that the fob be in relative distance of the ignition to start the engines. How awesome can the key fob get? Are there more technological advancements on the way to help make people’s lives easier?

Potentially the Greatest Fob

What if the greatest key fob was integrated into the preexisting lineup of items that are necessary for going out anywhere? Technically, if a car is involved, car keys are required, and therefore, the key fob for that car is required. However, with the emergence of Bluetooth and RFID technology, smart phones can now be used to hold credit card information and pay for items without having a physical debit or credit card. What if smartphones could also double as the keys to a vehicle?

There has been talk of having mobile technology replace car keys for some time in the automotive world, and technology just has not allowed the change to take place. Technically, if a signal needs to travel through the Internet, it potentially could be slower than a traditional key. Not to mention, users would need to potentially pay for data charges just so they could get inside of their vehicles.

These aspects may be somewhat trivial, but compare a smartphone key fob device to Apple Pay or Android Pay. Paying with a mobile device is somewhat instant and only requires thumbprint or passcode verification when trying to do so. It should not be that much more difficult to incorporate the same technology into a vehicle’s lock and startup systems.

Imagine being able to control every aspect of a vehicle using a smartphone. Potentially, with automotive automation, also imagine being able to pull that same vehicle up to whatever location desired, simply by dragging a finger across a map. Programmed routes could be used to pick up kids from school, or adults from work. This could save time, both from commutes and all the driving around looking for parking spots close to the office downtown.


Of course, any technological advancement has pushback, especially ideas that pose potential security or safety threats. Obviously, automotive automation has not made any sort of major debut in the world of the average consumer, but opposition still exists for the idea of controlling a car with a mobile device.

How can ownership be transferred to another user if the car is sold? What happens if the owner’s mobile device runs out of battery, will he or she be stranded? These are all valid questions, but they are not questions that cannot be solved with a little bit of thought.

What it all Means

Henry Ford said, “If I asked people what they wanted, they would’ve said faster horses.” In the world of innovation, sometimes the best way to accomplish something is to color outside of the lines. Smartphones potentially could make the greatest, most convenient key fobs. It seems like the trend to push everything into our mobile devices is increasing more and more each day. App developers are coming up all the time with new ways to creatively attack life’s problems. It will be an exciting thing to see where automotive technology decides to turn in regards to the object so many of us have used so many times for so long, the key fob.

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Social Media Trends Expected to Evolve in 2017

Social media platforms offer plenty of surprises, so it interesting to see what experts think the next trends will be and how users will adapt to them.  A few predictions have been made for 2017 about social media trends that have many raising eyebrows.  Even though many trends are considered unique forms of marketing, the average user may find them just as intriguing.

While social media continues its process of evolving it is available through different forms of technology including smartphones, laptops, and tablets. People can use social media in a variety but how people use it is what inspires new trends to come along.  Let’s take a look at what experts think will be trending in the world of social media this year.

Visual Info Glasses via Snapchat

Snapchat (also referred to as Snap) has been a platform catching attention of consumers and tech experts.  It has quickly evolved into a unique communicative platform in recent years.  The media platform has introduced a different version of personal video creation into market.  Those behind Snap are taking a risk by creating a product to use outside of its vertical video creating platform.  Real-world virtual glasses are in the works for users to capture things around them via first-person.  The glasses may include recording details and sending it to others.

Twitter Activity May Slow Down

Twitter is great social media platform but experts suggest users may slow down on tweeting this year.  Some predict the platform may not have much longer to live.  The concept of sharing information with limited characters was something many liked in the beginning, but users want more not just in the way of characters, but in details period.  Some find it overwhelming to get multiple pieces of content throughout the day.  In short, some feel the content should be dispersed a little slower with more information.  Instagram is a good example of this and why it is rising in popularity.

Customer Service Communication to Increase

People get annoyed when they call a toll-free number only to be put on hold.  More companies are taking advantage of social media by connecting with customers via Facebook, Twitter, and so on.  The concept is something rising among specific brands with experts suggesting social media can help companies improve customer relations.  Companies are adding social media as another form of communication or way to contact customer support.  Brands are expected to take this form of communication to another level this year while new brands, small and large, jump on board.

Fierce Competition in Advertising

Users may get annoyed by some of the advertisements seen on social media, but expect companies to up the ante.  Companies will not only continue to be competitive to get customers, but experts suggest they will work on creating ads more creative and unique.  Some experts suggest a surge in advertising this year as companies try to take advantage of social media use by their market and face increased pressure from their competitors.

Companies Will Have a Favorable Platform

As brands continue to develop their products they are also refining how they reach their customers via social media.  People and companies alike have multiple platforms they use since each offers a different experience.  But, because some are more popular than others, companies may look to capitalize on that aspect.  Companies may look to refine social media use ad pay closer attention to the platforms most used to determine which is best for the company.  Companies may settle on up to 5 five platforms to concentrate marketing efforts.

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iPhone 6 Review: When is it Time to Upgrade?


Picture Holding Iphone Taking Photo on House on Beach

As a proud owner of an iPhone 6 64GB model, I’m happy to say that I’m pleased with yet another Apple product. My iPhone gives me plenty of memory space to hold countless photos, videos, music, and apps. It’s new enough that the cameras are great, though I can’t say I don’t get jealous of the new iPhone 7 Plus’s dual-camera system. However, since I upgraded to the 6 from the 5S last year I’ve been very happy with all of the new features.

But the question still stands, “when is it time to upgrade?” Many Apple users ask themselves this question year after year as new iPhone models keep getting released. There are lots of iPhones that people have to choose from, and the older models get more outdated every single year. But how are iPhone owners to know when the time is to upgrade? And which model do they need to upgrade to if they want to see a significant improvement over their current phone? These are questions we’re going to answer today.

                   The iPhone 6 Review and Analysis

Get Enough Memory

If you’re going to own an older iPhone model, the only way to make it worth it is to get a model with enough memory to hold enough photos and videos so that you’re not constantly having to delete things to make more space. Many users are frustrated with the amount of space they have on their current phones. If someone has an iPhone 6 with 32GB or less, I would recommend upgrading as soon as they could. The main reason I haven’t upgraded my current phone yet is that the 64GB of storage space gives me enough memory that I’m willing to wait a while until I upgrade to an iPhone 7 Plus.

The Cameras are Decent

The iPhone 6 can’t shoot in 4K like the new 7 models can, but the cameras are good enough that it’s able to shoot quality pictures and videos without having them look fuzzy or outdated. The real advantage that a 6S would have when it comes to camera quality is the ability to record slow-mo videos in high definition. The 720p slow mo on the iPhone 6 isn’t terrible, but when paired next to the HD-quality footage from the regular shooting mode, these slow-mo sequences can throw off the quality off an entire video.

Happy with Apple Updates

Another reason why an iPhone 6 (or 6S) owner may wait to upgrade to an iPhone 7 is that we continue to receive the benefits of having the newest iPhone updates apply to our phones, as well. Besides the new updates that have applied specifically to the iPhone 7 Plus’s dual-camera system, the majority of iPhone updates and the new iOS for Apple phones apply to the 6.

I’ll Wait to Upgrade

Until the new iPhone 7 models become significantly cheaper, I’m going to wait to upgrade. I know that when the time comes I’ll be able to get an iPhone 7 Plus at a great deal, and it’ll make taking great videos much easier. I’m looking forward to the zoom and the ability to record video in 4K. One thing I’m not excited about is having to purchase a pair of wireless headphones since mine will no longer work without the adapter.

New iPhones can be purchased from your cellphone provider, or even found on sites like eBay and Amazon. Whether you decide to upgrade or not may depend on your budget. As for me, I’ll be waiting till at least the tail-end of 2017 before I consider upgrading from my iPhone 6.

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Laptops for a limited budget

In the current market, the consumers electronic tend to change almost every day. People preferences also changes as time go and new fashions emerge. The markets are characterized by ever-falling prices of the electronic consumer products. The price is becoming affordable by almost every person and most companies are continuing to lower the prices of their products. Gone are the days when the smart phones could only be afforded by the few well of individuals in the society. The ever-falling price has increased the competition and for any company to be relevant in the market there is call to have fair prices for their products. The fall in price is driven by majorly in manufacturing efficiency and automation. Again, the aspect of law labor cost also influences the pricing where the product manufacturers have moved to low waged countries. Even for the laptop, the decrease in the prices has widely been witnessed.
Laptops range widely in the electronic consumer market .The competition in the market is increasing daily. You can never lack what to purchase when it comes to the laptop industry. Your specification and desire from price to performance are all included and available in the consumer market. With the rising economy, most of the individuals are restricted to buy just what is necessary. When an individual can get some services from another provider at a lower cost, then that could be the best provider. Even in the laptop industry, price and performance really matters but there are times when the cost or the price overrides performance. With the variety of products, an individual can be sure that he or she can never miss something that fits his budget and fulfill his purpose. When talking of getting the best within your budget we cannot forget to mention HP Stream 11.
The latest HP Stream 11 shares the same name with previous models, but it has more improvements going on under the hood. The RAM doubles to GAB and battery life has been improved by a third, to more than 12 hours. The processor is faster compared to the earlier models. The affordable price is around $200. As with every laptop that’s allows working within a limited budget,, this is a laptop for browsing the web, posting on social media, and streaming movies—don’t go trying to play video games and do 3D modeling on it.
The VivoBook E200HA is also a portable and affordable small laptop. It Weighs in at 2.1 lbs, and can be great for usage in a coffee shop or travel companion for the on-the-go consumer. Its Atom is only able to processor powers the laptop to only a fair performance rating, the machine costs just $200. The battery life is also not bad as it ran for 15 hours between charges. The laptop has a slender 32GB of storage, so consumers would be wise to invest in a low-profile flash drive or resort touse the cloud services like Drop box, Microsoft OneDrive, or Google Drive to store photos, videos, and other large files.
Storage is the most important thing that one must look for in any electronic consumer device. This will determine how much data you are able to store.Thesedevices will not disappoint you.They comes with almost 32 GB of storage, almost more than half of it is available for an individual’s own usage. In addition, the SD card slots are also provided for you and an individual can always leave the card for personal usage and storage enhancements. The laptop gives a provision for using the mouse and the keyboard.

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What You Need to Know about Google Home

Google On Your Smartphone, Search, Internet, Www

It’s Google’s turn to enhance the way you do things at home.  Amazon has received great reviews for its Amazon Echo smart speaker with its voice assistant Alexa.  The device is designed to let users connect and operate devices throughout their home from any room. The speaker is a central command post so to speak.  With Amazon launching the Echo in various markets outside of the United States, Google is ready to tap into the market with their latest creation that could prove to be serious competition. Here are the basics on Google Home you need to know.

Google Home Defined

The Google Home product is a speaker that operates on a Wi-Fi connection.  It’s connected to other devices throughout the home allowing family members to control their devices from any point in the home.  Home is a smart home control system that lets you complete tasks when asking a question or giving a demand to the speaker. The device has multiple bases with different colors that can be changed to match room décor.  The device doesn’t take up a lot of room as it features a small compact design.  It can play back songs, separate voices from sounds, and features high-tech voice recognition that allows it complete various tasks.

What Google Home Can Do

Google Home connects to the cloud via Wi-Fi.  It is a speaker that can play music by accessing your podcasts, song lists, and albums when you give the command.  You can send music via iOS or Android via Google Cast to play.  Other speakers in your home connected to Google Cast will play what you want while connected to other devices.  You can have a playback option for one speaker if you wish. Videos can also play via YouTube or your television with support from Google Cast.

There are other functions Google Home can do including help you set timers, alarms, manage to-do lists, shopping lists, turn on and off switches throughout the home, locks, and control to other Google products.  A feature known as “Ask Google” can be done similar to questions you would ask Amazon Echo’s Alexa.  You can ask about the weather, news, fact check, and more through Google Assistant.  You get immediate answers and even have web pages read to you based on related content.

Service Compatibility of Google Home

There are some services Google Home can be used with such as YouTube Music, iHeart Radio, Google Play Music, Pandora, and Spotify to name a few.  You can have Google Home play a song without knowing the name of the song. As you use Home more it learns your preferences with its exceptional learning capabilities via Google Assistant.  If you have Chromecast it acts as an auto receiver.  The device can be used to retrieve recipes through your IFTTT or other similar services.

What is Google Assistant?

If you are familiar with Ok Google and Google Now, you may be familiar with Google Assistant and the role it plays.  It is an essential element that allows for 2-way conversation with the Google Home speaker.  When you say “Ok Google” followed by a question, it triggers Google Assistant to respond.  The same element lets you “talk” to other devices.  The way you talk to the device the assistant works to answer in a way that is useful.  For example, if you ask where you can get tickets to a movie the assistant will tell you where and how much.  It can also give details about ratings, reviews, and a film trailer.

Making Your Device Personal

The current generation, the phone has become part of human beings.  All about our lives and the secrets that the individuals hold to their hearts are stored in the phone.  Talk about the photos that you do not want anybody to see, the confidential files that you have stored in your phone among many other things.  An individual needs to note that it’s not only him or her that is interested in this documents .Therefore as you put efforts to ensure that your phone is safe, another person in the name of a spy could also be targeting your phone for other personal gains and only waits at that time when you put down your phone . You may not tell the kind of information that has been taken from your phone.  Therefore, there is need that you secure your phone to avoid access by every Tom, Dick, and Hurry.  By securing your phone you will ensure that your emails, texts, photos and other information that may prove personal are well kept to yourself and not a third party whose intentions may not be to your interest.  There are various ways that a person can ensure that her phone is safe. Locking your phone after every second.  An individual can set the Iphone to lock sooner, say after one second.  The faster you set your Iphone to lock the better.  A person may forget their device in public bus or any other place.  When one sets a shorter lock, time a second person may came and find it not locked and therefore accessing most of the information in the device.  The most secured option is immediately which will ensure that your device asks for the pass code all the time.  When the time is long, one could access the phone before the lock time elapses.  Therefore, it is wise to ensure your lock time is a son as possible

Setting of a complex password.  Using a pass code is a reliable way to secure your phone, as you are the only person that is of knowledge to your code.  The Iphone pass code ranges from six to eight digits.  You can also increase the strength of the code by using both figure and alphabets.  Increasing the strength will ensure that the probability of a third party guessing your cord is minimized.  Ensure that you do not use your name or the names of the people that surrounds you or your date of birth because a spy can easily know these especially if they are a person that surrounds you such like your family members.  You can also enter the words in an opposite direction and ensure that you make it a secret.  Knowing there is no secret when a second person is included.

Disable the control center on the lock screen.  Usually if the control center is, enable on the lock screen one can always access the phone and get to know personal information.  Most phone thieves use the enabled control center to switch the device on the airplane mode .With this mode it is more than obvious that you may not locate your phone even with the phone tracker.  Do not give the thieves a chance of easily accessing your phone due to one mistake of not disabling your control center on the lock screen.

Remember not every person that gets hold of your phone or any other electronic device has good intentions with it.  Therefore one need to make every effort to ensure that the device to ensure that the phone is well secured.

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Make your Android Phone a Real Sport/Fitness Companion

Android phones can be a very good sports companion helping in the sport, its officiating and keeping fit. Already the devices come with in-built accessories that can help in sports but a little more applications easily downloaded can even make it better.

Android phones can help one in timing. Countdown timers that come with many Android devices can help one mange exercises or activities that have fixed periods of time. This may be a game with fixed timing for instance seven minutes for rugby or specifically timed exercises for instance power jumps to be done in ten minutes. The countdown timer is set with the time needed for the activity then set on when the activity starts. After the set time elapses, an alarm goes off meaning it is time to change the activity. Also, one can time say, a running competition with four participants. The stopwatch can be used to capture the finish time of more than five people and showing the specific differences in time. This can further be broken into the lap time and analyzed further to capture the lap and final speed.

Android devices can help capture progress made while exercising. Some Android devices come with applications that help tell how many calories one is burning. This is related to the distance covered which is recorded from the activities of the motion sensors in the phones that help it tell when one is running or moving fast. The heart beat is also recorded and in some devices by one touching the camera lens which has a sensor to help decipher the heartbeat and pressure. Some of the devices have applications that capture even the temperature of the person exercising and advising accordingly. The devices can be further made to record the progress and store them in the form of charts for further reference. Once programmed, these devices can be something akin to a personal trainer or training partner, helping you with the training schedules and feedback recording.

Exercise can be made fun for the fitness fanatic. Samsung for instance comes with some gear to help in exercising. One can go for jogging while listening to music from the device strapped to the hand or waist. The music can be through earpieces or Bluetooth connected devices. It is also fun when one knows that there is some progress made in any endeavor made- in this case the exercises.

Android devices can be easily connected for much better results. There are smart watches which can be connected to Android phones to help in exercise monitoring. Some of the phones capture the terrain of the jogger, the speed, distance covered and even the various activities one engages in. This information is then transferred to the Android phone for better storage and analysis. The smart watches use the GPS technology to show the positioning of the joggers should need arise.

There are so many things that the Android phones can be made to do to aid in sports and fitness program. Some of the applications come readily built in the phone and others may have to be uploaded from Google play. Despite the many services the applications may offer in line with keeping fit, they may not be 100% accurate. Also, they cannot replace real trainers but are there to make your exercise journey enjoyable and worthwhile. An Android phone is a true sports partner. This device makes life simpler and is a true reflection of how technology can transform various aspects of the human life and make a complete revolution in different aspects.

Five Reasons the Android Software is Superior to iOS

softwareWe know that Apple’s fans are practically rabid—they’ve had years of practice. And that’s fine—after all, Apple’s iPhone has its merits and plenty of them. But that doesn’t change the fact that Apple’s flagship product just isn’t for everyone. We’ve gathered five ways that Android devices trample the iPhone, just to prove it.

  1. Tailor your phone to your every whim.
    Sure, your iPhone might have matching icons and be ready out of the box… but you can’t make it your own the way you can with an Android device. And before you say, “Sure, I can jailbreak it,” slow down. Not everyone wants to have to learn to root their phone—but you don’t have to with an Android device. You can install a simple launcher that will let you customize just about everything without so much as one factory wipe. And if you do root it, you can still do more than you can with a jailbroken iPhone. If you’re really into development, you can even buy developer’s editions of some Android phones so that you don’t have to risk bricking your phone.
  2. Speaking of variety…
    Another way in which Android devices shine is the fact that there are so many of them. Thanks to the fact that Android is an open source operating system, there’s no need to be confined to one conformist, cookie cutter phone. Apple’s expanded its offerings slightly, but only by offering different sizes and colors. There are dozens of manufacturers of Android phones, many with unique features. You actually get to make real decisions about what you need.
  3. Price.
    Android’s flagship phones are on par with Apple’s in terms of price, though iPhones usually still tend to run a bit more. But unless you want an iPhone that’s several years old, you’re out of luck if you’re on a budget. Not so with Android. You can easily pick up a great Android device for under $200. If you’re willing to get a used or refurbished one, you can do it for under $100 if you don’t need that year’s premium model. Unless you like you screens cracked, or your phone 3 or more years old, you’re not going to get that from Apple.
  4. Content options.
    Granted, Apple has iTunes. But they’re also notorious for blocking access to other content providers and options. Android phone manufacturers, not so much. Want to shop in the Amazon app store? Sure, no problem. Want to shop from your Kindle app? You got it. Prefer to use Google Play Music or a different service? Why not?
  5. Expandable storage.
    You pay a premium for storage on your iPhone, and you’re stuck with whatever you originally bought. The vast majority of Android phones have expandable storage, and all you need is an SD card to make room for more movies, songs, pics, and whatever else you like to store on your phone. It’s a cheap and incredibly simple fix.

Google Fiber—Technology Finally Coming in 2016?

technologyThere’s been a lot of buzz and pretty much unlimited hype regarding Google’s new fiber optic based internet service technology. But shortly after launch, it seemed clear that the tech giant wasn’t going to be able to compete with the likes of Time Warner Cable or Comcast as an ISP. The process of arranging the necessary infrastructure is slow—at best. Nonetheless, Google has pressed on, slowly but surely, apparently embracing the philosophy of the tortoise from the story The Tortoise and the Hare.

While progress hasn’t been very speedy, it has been occurring. Google Fiber has made progress in certain markets, and now has announced some fairly exciting news for 2016—huge markets like Los Angeles and Chicago may be next up. That’s a stark contrast to the rather lower profile markets it’s already sprung up in—Kansas City, Provo, and Austin, for example.

This indicates that Google’s ambitions are finally maturing in terms of their fiber project. LA has a population of nearly 4 million within city limits, and 19 million in the metro area; Chicago accounts for another 3 million potential customers. Nothing is certain yet, but the very fact that Google itself made the announcement that it was researching the possibility of expanding into these two enormous cities is telling. Currently, the company is in negotiations with city leaders in both metropolises.

Other cities that are being invited to explore the potential of the Google Fiber technology are Irvine, Louisville, Tampa, Jacksonville, and San Diego, as well as Oklahoma City, Atlanta, Charlotte, and Nashville. Some of these cities have already been confirmed, while others are still in the decision making process. All in all, it looks as if Google fiber is going to at least triple its footprint in the upcoming year, and it may accomplish far more than that. All of this points to 2016 being the year that Google Fiber takes off in earnest.

The company has also shown its commitment to the project by hiring former Twitter communications and policy head, Gabriel Stricker. Stricker had also worked for Google in another capacity, prior to his stint at Twitter. He’s a significant figure in the industry, and hiring him demonstrates Google’s intent to move forward, and fast.

Other ISPs are probably not going to be happy about this. Comcast famously tried to bash Google Fiber for going down prior to the first game of the World Series in 2015. Although customers were probably disappointed by the service interruption, Comcast’s post on Facebook was absolutely flooded with customers that were bitter and angry—at Comcast.

Many Americans are frustrated with subpar internet speeds and very high internet service costs; Google Fiber may or may not be the key to changing that. We’ll know more as it expands into more (and larger) marketplaces. For now, however, it looks like the company’s early successes with Google Fiber are spurring it on, and that’s a good sign for the future. Even for those who don’t have access to it, it could push current ISPs into cutting prices.

How Remote Spying On Mobile Phone Works

remote spyingHave you been suspecting your spouse is having extramarital actions? Do you constantly wonder who your kid contacting or is texting on a standard schedule? Are you sure your personnel are generating appropriate utilization of sources while and their period at the job? If one or most of these issues are running in your mind , there’s no question that you’re not in control of the essential things in your life at this time. This isn’t your fault, although, as it’s all challenging while you focus on your own personal tasks to keep an eye on different people’s pursuits. The good thing is the fact that Easy Spy is here now to help you! This effective application enables you to do some remote spying on mobile phone so you might observe youngsters, your spouse, and even employees!

Easy Spy is really a condition-of-the-craft spy software that lets without them understanding about this, you spy on another person’s cell phone. You might feel intimidated by the technicians of the application, but you’ll be stunned to learn that it’s quite simple to utilize.

How Easy Spy Works
Straightforward Spy software was made in a fashion that will not be difficult for the average person to use. You don’t need to be even a cellular phone pro, or a PC developer to master just how to install and function Easy Traveler.

Here’s a stage-by-step information on applying Easy Spy:

Step 1 – Acquire Easy Spy Software
Visit Easy Spy’s website and click some of the PURCHASE KEYS you will inside. Once you’ve visited the option, you will obtain a message notice which contains everything required to setup the cell phone spyware.

Step 2 – Mount the SOFTWARE
Using the OTA or over-the- approach, you are able to obtain and mount the app. Make sure you enter the portable phone quantity of these devices you are currently planning to spy on whilst it has been mounted.

Step 3 – Access the Device Slightly
You may commence to access the device slightly once you have successfully fitted the cell phone spy software on the target phone. You’ll be provided with use of Easy Spy’s protected server, where you can discover all of the recorded calls, text messages and GPS monitoring stories taken from the goal unit. All you need to-do is login from mobile phone or your pc to acquire the reports.

Easy Spy monitoring software was deemed one of cell phone that was the best spy software 2014, because of its characteristics that were strong and simplicity of use. It’s worth mentioning likewise that application is among the cheapest types available in the market nowadays, which can be another justification to try it. With Easy Spy, you don’t must keep estimating and wondering as it lets you be in control of your workers’ and kids’ phone actions!